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- People from holland are nice thats why. Us brittish are grumps I'm from Edinburgh but the countrys ...2010.09.06 14:30:00
- Edited by: Social Syst3m on 03/09/2010 12:10:37 You require Riffta suiciders? I could be a Riffta : ...2010.09.03 12:10:00
- I am wanting to get back into null after a month break from eve due to summer placement :). Have a ...2010.09.02 13:53:00
- Halborns got the right of it. By the sounds of it, if you want to do a wh for a week Id suggest a sm ...2010.08.23 08:53:00
- You'd know all about that wouldnt you Culman? What he said is true thou. ...2010.07.20 13:55:00
- Yes use that but also look at some of the fits people suggest on the forums as they can be a good ba ...2010.07.20 07:23:00
- Edited by: Social Syst3m on 19/07/2010 10:41:01 Yes never fear death, still got lots of fear for Ma ...2010.07.19 10:38:00
- We're still around. We never really die. I use suicide tacklers, handy things and a pain in numbers ...2010.07.19 09:21:00
- Hey, was thinking about starting to rat in null sec, in particular a system that will spawn bs. Will ...2010.07.15 14:51:00
- Hmm slightly random, but yes there are annoying especially when they get in the way of inspections l ...2010.07.15 13:26:00
- Socialburn - HappyAt work too, however work has nothing for me to do so yeh, reading standards is a ...2010.07.15 10:32:00
- I'd go with a Galaxy S from 3. They have the android 2.1 OS compared with the other suppliers I beli ...2010.07.15 09:21:00
- codes up ...2010.07.13 08:37:00
- Will sell for one, at work right now so please confirm on forum. ...2010.07.13 08:29:00
- 3.99Bill? ...2010.06.17 18:17:00

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