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- Now I can RP a Bogeril in EVE, cool. ...2009.12.16 04:30:00
- There's just no pleasing you people. It's not the end of the world. ...2009.09.05 09:48:00
- So, I would like some idea from the mission runners regarding the Vargur.. how fast is it? I've jus ...2009.09.04 16:03:00
- Why aren't CCP policing teh internet for me! ...2009.09.04 10:40:00
- Console exclusivity Give us Dust 514 for the PC, sod consoles ...2009.08.19 04:35:00
- Another evening of login problems and being unable to play.Dunno if I should or .Nildram customer t ...2009.07.21 21:36:00
- Simple solution: when a titan uses a DD, its warp engines take a period of time to recover from the ...2008.11.06 08:29:00
- Mission runners from Stain have an important political perspective that this change to COAD will sup ...2008.10.24 20:32:00
- That type of base is known as a control point.There's a couple of missions handed out inside the CP' ...2008.01.04 18:16:00
- I was keen to try TR for a while but then the news from beta players wasn't encouraging and so my in ...2008.01.04 07:16:00
- nicebootdotiniwelltakeit.ini ...2007.12.06 13:30:00
- Carrier != HaulerShips will be allowed to carry ammo in their cargo hold even while inside a ship ma ...2007.10.31 04:57:00
- ...Wait a minute.Doesn't more choices mean better ability to carry out different roles even better? ...2007.10.24 08:06:00
- It’s against everything that EVE stands for that one ship is able to counter “almost” every other sh ...2007.10.24 05:55:00
- It hurts to keep reading that CCP still believes solo carriers are capabable of "fighting off any ki ...2007.10.24 05:12:00

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