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- Are you guys NMA-types annoyed because of the low child-murder quotient of FA3? bradylamafallout3di ...2007.12.09 00:18:00
- A scientist with a crowbar is obviously far more badass than some "supersoldier" with his ***** rege ...2007.10.13 21:55:00
- I bet you could torch a "Halo" with a Revelation. ...2007.10.08 06:26:00
- Serves them right. As many people as possible should know this. You should post it in every forum yo ...2007.09.12 06:39:00
- "In addition to being the largest, Eris is also the most massive known dwarf planet."So Eris is a fa ...2007.07.15 10:54:00
- The rupture has a double damage bonus to projectile weapons, so it's a pretty big waste to use missi ...2007.06.27 19:35:00
- Edited by: Kanthras on 23/06/2007 10:28:32 The situation isn't nearly as bad as you make it out to ...2007.06.23 10:29:00
- Use those drone optimal augmentor module thingies (forgot name). You don't see sniper battleships w ...2007.06.23 10:23:00
- They're not useless, and I sure as hell care about them since I fly a Domi. The new sentry drones a ...2007.06.23 10:13:00
- Err.. since when are sentry drones a "mini-siege-mode"? I've never ever heard of that. You can scoop ...2007.06.23 10:05:00
- I don't think they're supposed to have the same kind of damage output and tracking as Heavy Drones.. ...2007.06.23 09:50:00
- Grats CCP!I'll have some fruit juice. No alcohol for me!May you & EVE last another decade.. (as long ...2007.06.02 18:47:00
- I think he's overrated. He has some good songs, but they tend to be gimmicky like his finger tapping ...2007.04.20 07:10:00
- Wow.. that's the most awesome 3D animation I've ever seen ...2007.04.19 13:11:00
- I find HD massively overrated, tbh.Sure, it looks slightly sharper/clearer. But not it's not worth ...2007.04.18 16:47:00

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