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- To show you what a simple frigate can do check out the movie I made. It's a bit crappy and was essen ...2007.01.12 09:24:00
- solo or small gang PVP is mostly done up close, if only to mess up people who are using a long range ...2007.01.11 18:52:00
- It's just so great to have an actual reason to not die, incentive is fantastic!This is EXACTLY what ...2007.01.11 01:49:00
- Yes he is, and afaik he's tied to a goonie called Firstname Lastname. ...2007.01.10 22:31:00
- I'd definately reroll and have a more balanced attribute set, it's possible to have all attributes a ...2007.01.10 18:09:00
- Jesus.... none of you answered his question.Wesley, I know it's hard to fathom and I know it seems i ...2007.01.10 15:51:00
- 2 rules when it comes to contracts;1) NEVER accept freeform contracts 2) if there's not a specific ...2007.01.10 12:07:00
- Range is affected by guntype, skills, possible ship bonuses and ammo.A gun may have an optimal range ...2007.01.10 12:04:00
- There has been an HP increase since revelations, the item database on the site isn't updated yet, th ...2007.01.10 12:01:00
- That's not really an accomplishment as someone posted the full contract details on the forums a whil ...2007.01.10 11:57:00
- Nicely done!The trick is to learn every second you play, even more when things go wrong. The quicker ...2007.01.10 10:39:00
- Heavies on a Vexor?You're better off training the other droneskills like Drone interfacing, Drone du ...2007.01.09 13:08:00
- It's nice to see you guys keep on doing this stuff. For any new player; this is well worth the inves ...2007.01.09 13:03:00
- I'd go with Jovian, definately ...2007.01.09 12:26:00
- threaten their bear supply... no hootch until blogs are written...Why are the devs dependant on bear ...2007.01.09 12:24:00

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