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- Nice identification of bug and workaround. Thanks. ...2011.06.04 23:45:00
- ... and the mac runs so hot, it's almost dangerous to touch. CCP messed something up bad in this exp ...2011.06.03 11:35:00
- Oh man! Read some of the old threads. ...2011.06.02 15:36:00
- Displaying market listings randomly freezes the client and hits 100% CPU on one core. Sometime late ...2011.06.02 14:13:00
- Ouch! That's a pretty broad stroke.So, only closed source nvidia driver still working correctly now ...2011.06.02 02:56:00
- In the Wine Configuration program, untick the decorate windows option. ...2011.06.02 02:50:00
- Try clearing settings also. ...2011.06.01 13:21:00
- Everyone should be using the standard patch I posted in the opening post. ...2011.06.01 12:02:00
- That is basic marketing rule -- never give clients a tool that shows problems you are not ready to f ...2011.05.31 22:59:00
- Hmm, still not showing stutters correctly at all. Not showing much below 10fps. :(Seems it only re ...2011.05.31 15:02:00
- Edited by: Solbright on 31/05/2011 14:13:28Tested on Singularity - working nicely.The new framerate ...2011.05.31 14:10:00
- Logins not accepted yet but so far so good the client launches no problem.Patch file is located at h ...2011.05.31 13:40:00
- Use the Wine virtual desktop workaround, eg: wine explorer /desktop=EVE,1280x960 "C:\Program Files\ ...2011.05.31 12:54:00
- That's not a rule of thumb. Maybe your rule of thumb was only to buy ATI. Sadly, that's a bad idea ...2011.05.28 01:59:00
- Rule of thumb has always been buy nVidia. ...2011.05.27 11:53:00

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