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- nice to see that I am not the only one to post something of this nature, that what makes eve forums ...2006.04.21 12:05:00
- oops wrong button ...2006.04.21 11:35:00
- it does not worry me at all, tarsis yes this a game and whatever is said is only to do with the game ...2006.04.21 11:27:00
- no it was just a misunderstanding, abukede believes that selling on the market is theft, oh well we ...2006.04.21 11:11:00
- yes abukede i will end it now, i will move on and start over, this time I will keep a low profile an ...2006.04.20 23:52:00
- Mr Breakfast, what ever happened to freedom of speech, ok i have my issues and i have problems disti ...2006.04.20 22:51:00
- Shinra think they own the game, stop it please, the market is part of the game mechanics for all to ...2006.04.20 22:41:00
- Abukede, I did not steal from you, there is such in eve a market that anyone can buy and sell, it is ...2006.04.20 22:30:00
- kalil how many more times do i have say NO!!!! ...2006.04.20 19:17:00
- nah, why would i do that, I love you all really? ...2006.04.20 18:19:00
- yes i have season 1, i watched it twice over and yes it is very good, good series ...2006.04.20 18:17:00
- like i said in out of pod thread, you did not say it was a loan, i thought it was gift, no worries, ...2006.04.20 17:57:00
- well let get this straight, Max never mentioned that i owed him that money, he gave it to me, I am n ...2006.04.20 17:52:00
- i am totally chilled out now to enjoy this as a game, I can be something that I am not in real life, ...2006.04.20 17:41:00
- I think the fact is that Shinra has been given a piece of their own medicine for all their crimes, h ...2006.04.20 17:32:00

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