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- More universe-wide holiday/special event goodies.The snowball launchers were hilarious, and I for on ...2007.03.02 23:07:00
- I'm a fan of the sabre, myself. I'm impressed that CCP could make a type of ship what was actually ...2006.06.10 00:13:00
- I tend to disregard what CK has to say, because they killed my dominix! I mean, it was an expensive ...2006.04.02 23:23:00
- Edited by: Asier on 19/03/2006 19:32:35 A more complete way to say this, using complete sentences:W ...2006.03.19 19:32:00
- Not only does it happen, it's very lucrative for the hunters... as well as efficient for the warring ...2006.03.18 00:01:00
- I'd be bald from the stress. Good work, and good luck continuing your stride :) ...2006.01.30 00:45:00
- I don't care what anybody tells me, my Typhoon is the prettiest ship out there! (And besides, in Pv ...2006.01.22 18:38:00
- I've lost ships to this problem, myself (my fault for daring to tempt a tempest with 6 800 II's, but ...2006.01.13 22:39:00
- I will jump in and say /signed here, as this would be a fascinating market, with much movement of is ...2005.12.19 00:31:00
- Are you referring to the white bar at the bottom of the screen? That's the task bar :) If so, just ...2005.12.13 00:14:00
- There have been many posts on exactly this subject, please reference them (Or the short answer is NO ...2005.12.05 23:23:00
- While a great deal of people are saying that it will probably happen near the RMR update, far too ma ...2005.12.05 21:20:00
- I'd MUCH rather have my sig radius boosting abilities for my vigil than anything else. Nothing says ...2005.12.03 23:40:00
- Edited by: Asier on 03/12/2005 01:12:03 There's also the irc server for talking to BH's. They're A ...2005.12.03 01:12:00
- I simply hope that they'll make the charactors a little thicker. They're poorly defined edge-wise i ...2005.11.21 00:39:00

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