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- {lays on couch} Yes because of my passive aggressive nature and my childhood. I think it goes back ...2008.09.03 17:17:00
- I m bookmarking this thread for future reading for when i am having a bad day or for when my cat cra ...2008.09.03 17:04:00
- Wow. DD's a troll, tried and true. But he sure knows how to bring the raging mob and torches to hi ...2008.09.03 16:46:00
- Seriously, battlegrounds are already in game. It's not that big an issue, they put them in place mo ...2008.09.03 16:13:00
- From Dictionary.comdelusional Browse Nearby Entries Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite Thi ...2008.09.03 16:11:00
- Dude, this thread is getting stupid even by my standards... Now you're seriously talking about shard ...2008.09.03 16:10:00
- What? You're going to suicide gank the pirate then? Why not? According to the dev blog if I have a ...2008.09.03 16:05:00
- summary of the discussion so farNice to see you quote your failure once more. It doesn't make it any ...2008.09.03 16:05:00
- That's where Eve is headed, alright. That's not what most of us want, though. Therefore I think a ...2008.09.03 16:03:00
- You misunderstand me. I am talking true immunity, no matter how stupid you are. Freighter pilots and ...2008.09.03 15:50:00
- Step 1: Make CONCORD exist in all Empire, hisec and losec. Scale the reaction time in .4 and below, ...2008.09.03 15:49:00
- Well I guess what I was getting at is that, given what you've shown through good numbers; that fre ...2008.09.03 15:47:00
- What about turning previous low-sec into 0.0 and turning, say, 40% of empire space into low-sec, c ...2008.09.03 15:41:00
- 5 years of pvp has taught me that taking the right steps makes one all but immune from any pvp at ...2008.09.03 15:37:00
- Ki An is looking to buy isk for real money.If you sell isk for real money you should contact him wit ...2008.09.03 15:36:00

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