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- The problem with global warming as a topic is that there are scientific "facts" on both sides of the ...2011.09.08 05:44:00
- Are we really meant to be 100% independent of empire markets? ...2011.09.03 23:55:00
- Cosmetic Only. ...2011.09.03 23:17:00
- ...2011.09.02 19:28:00
- I used Torchlight as a sleep aid (no joke). ...2011.08.16 04:51:00
- People saying its the worst song ever are delusional. At the very worst, Friday is merely equal to a ...2011.08.11 15:11:00
- How many 6'6 410lb black men do your rugby teams have?You think a bunch of fatties with body armou ...2011.08.11 12:07:00
- wtf, #18: Is squatt ...2011.08.11 12:04:00
- But it's not just a song. It's an attempt to get rich quick by sapping the creativity of our youth w ...2011.08.11 11:53:00
- I'm sure all of these guns will come in handy when teh ebil gubment comes a-knockin'!I can picture a ...2011.08.11 11:41:00
- Don't nail your friend's niece unless you're pretty sure you can handle him.I mean, if any of my fri ...2011.08.11 08:23:00
- She should be made an example of, just like the soulless teen stars she was trying to emulate. ...2011.08.11 08:20:00
- A big ol' greasy bowl of menudo followed up by a couple tokes on the green dragon works for me. ...2011.08.11 08:00:00
- Why would China want to go to war with us?Real life isn't like Eve where you just reset your standin ...2011.07.31 08:34:00
- Thanks for the replies so far.Sorry I wasn't very specific on what I was looking for. I'd like to ge ...2011.07.31 06:11:00

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