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- It would be a funny monument of human stupidity to have quantum computers run Windows. Innovation in ...2011.05.23 07:28:00
- $1.000.000 of which you get NONE.Please do not take the following as trolling.Using periods instead ...2011.05.23 07:24:00
- I wish I could control my computer with my mind.Granted. Too bad it works both ways. Cause of death: ...2011.05.23 07:15:00
- Edited by: Thargat on 23/05/2011 06:53:46I wish I had included my signature in this post.Granted. Yo ...2011.05.23 06:52:00
- Edited by: Thargat on 23/05/2011 06:25:11 I wish the ships in EVE had 15% more color.Wish granted: ...2011.05.23 06:25:00
- The long awaited release of Dust? ...2011.05.23 05:52:00
- 34) You cannot target or shoot beyond a "magic" range even though your sniper rifle goes a lot furth ...2010.06.15 17:46:00
- Dominion introduced a bug (Which apparently got worse with Tyrannis) that caused the lagmonster to r ...2010.06.02 22:52:00
- Vote Pirate Party?No sense wasting a vote for the novelty of supporting an outfit that you like the ...2010.06.02 22:18:00
- Edited by: Thargat on 02/06/2010 21:22:11 I use: Android cus it's great Symbian cus it's stable ...2010.06.02 21:21:00
- StuffYou tell me what type of game Eve is and how it's supposed to be played.Play it anyway you like ...2010.06.02 00:47:00
- I'm in Austria near Graz on business for a while and i ran into a little hiccup. I have a laptop wit ...2010.06.02 00:32:00
- CaspaAmon Amarth ...2010.04.25 22:18:00
- They will argue that the 2 aren't related. People developing new stuff aren't bug-fixers. It's lik ...2010.04.25 21:34:00
- What would you do if, for no apparent reason, EVE online suddenly stopped working, and CCP and it's ...2010.04.25 21:27:00

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