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- New cyno-graphics and engine-trails Faction-war overhaul Supercap-balancing 4th bonus for assault ...2011.05.15 23:05:00
- WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!WTF IS THIS %*@#%???Is this a player taking the initiative and helping ccp fight ...2011.05.11 22:53:00
- Doesn't explain the Onyx.Or the Obsidian, if you want to dig REALLY deep into EvE. ...2011.04.23 13:27:00
- Last time when I saw an Eagle was when I sold mine a few months back. Built it myself and didn't eve ...2011.04.14 14:08:00
- We are currently looking into recent issues with NPC jamming in missions/complexes. Thanks for your ...2011.04.13 11:58:00
- IIRC, the fastest attainable warp speed at the moment is about 24.89 AU/sec. ...2011.04.10 20:31:00
- It makes complete sense for missions to follow the availability scale of cosmic anomalies by securit ...2011.04.10 18:27:00
- Out with the old crap, roll in the new crap. ...2011.04.07 16:08:00
- 196.21 drivers, Windows XP SP3.And I updated my drivers 2 days ago.What are you using to update the ...2011.04.07 11:24:00
- Edited by: Solitudo Servantes on 06/04/2011 22:41:45Just to join the crowd of players, regarding scr ...2011.04.07 01:40:00
- No, CCp wont be the only people affected by it. Many of us have played this game for years, poured t ...2011.04.03 13:37:00
- The Golem is far better than the Tengru in nearly any mission. Running missions quickly is all about ...2011.03.03 12:40:00
- For once, the idiots here shouting "TROLL!" at the OP are totally wrong. There actually is a storyli ...2011.02.28 10:25:00
- Just make them primary targets and they should die before they can drain you.The only missions I kno ...2011.02.22 01:35:00
- Oh lord, not this again.Yes, the Helios hull got switched out for an ugly one. No, you're not gettin ...2011.02.22 01:32:00

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