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- so it is in my home system. thank you v much ...2011.09.06 17:22:00
- So I ran my first lvl2 plex yesterday but there were no bounties and no real loot. in the lvl1 serpe ...2011.09.06 17:20:00
- How do you know where your latest clone is based. is there a tab for it somewhere. ...2011.09.06 17:14:00
- Edited by: Gideon Starke on 01/09/2011 20:07:19Yesterday I had know problems switching from iridium ...2011.09.01 20:06:00
- Thanks, that worked ...2011.08.25 04:59:00
- I have done the combat and advanced combat tutorials but the other tutors do not seem to have any jo ...2011.08.24 18:33:00
- In Your Dreams. 1st time i went to a .4 (3 days in) I was podded. hasn't stopped me going since, now ...2011.08.24 16:38:00
- Wow, forgot to actually write anything. how dumb. Just got my access to thsi forum, thought I would ...2011.08.24 16:15:00
- truncated content ...2011.08.24 16:13:00

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