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- A vote for the CSM only had meaning if CCP cared. They don't, it didn't.It really doesn't matter w ...2011.09.06 05:26:00
- Edited by: RUSROG on 06/09/2011 04:34:41 i watch what you do, not what you say. so far i see nothin ...2011.09.06 05:17:00
- ... since the CSM has no power, not even to the extent of being able to punish a set of minutes as ...2011.09.06 00:15:00
- Forming the mechanics such that organisations in Dust form, are willing to work closely with Eve o ...2011.09.03 01:59:00
- It's no surprise. There's nothing "new" in Eve to chat about and no sign they'll do anything about ...2011.09.03 01:48:00
- Pay to win is one thing that a lot will find unpalatable.CCP treating their customers like suckers ...2011.08.31 07:02:00
- Never liked CS. Too much rampant cheating. when the first match you get in you move a 1/4 of an in ...2011.08.31 06:55:00
- INB4 Counter-strike: Global OffensiveThanks for the link... can't wait. CS gameplay was unique and v ...2011.08.31 04:38:00
- They've spent sooo much money on development they need to be mainstream and attract a wow size sub ...2011.08.31 02:37:00
- A lot of this is probably required work for Dust. I'm sure they dream that the community between t ...2011.08.30 12:26:00
- You also need to include 10-20 titans that are insta-killing one of your high value ships every 10 ...2011.08.30 00:04:00
- The CSM has no real power, no way to make CCP tell them anything let alone the truth, and no abili ...2011.08.29 23:42:00
- Lets clear this up. YOU chose to move to 0.0. YOU chose to make your day to day consist of POS w ...2011.08.29 14:47:00
- Edited by: Empy Ralt on 29/08/2011 13:43:11I would be curious to know which "majority of Eve gamepla ...2011.08.29 13:42:00
- Apparently they showed live video of Jita (the undock?) which gives you a pretty good indication o ...2011.08.29 13:18:00

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