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- char received.had to troll goonswarm while i waited for gm to teleport me out of 0.0 they're nicer t ...2011.09.06 07:10:00
- sent cash to tsuse. waiting for confirmation of transfer. ...2011.09.05 18:28:00
- Edited by: Umad Bro Questionmark on 05/09/2011 17:01:01 im in game contact me ASAP got the money an ...2011.09.05 16:58:00
- troll: This is how you know people don't trust you well enough to make the big bond yet. srs answr: ...2011.09.05 05:42:00
- WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY did you need to have a high grade there. I want to get this for a ...2011.09.05 03:28:00
- bump ...2011.09.05 03:19:00
- its au revoir. no s. nub. ...2011.09.05 03:16:00
- You do realize that the ISK from a PLEX doesn't just come out of thin air? And the gametime it creat ...2011.09.05 01:35:00
- Edited by: Umad Bro Questionmark on 05/09/2011 01:09:44Sure, desperation could be a reason for runni ...2011.09.05 01:08:00
- Its ones going bankrupt that do Congrats for being the single person on this forum that actually ...2011.09.05 00:51:00
- As suggested by the title I am looking for a good combat/support/industry char. It is for a friend t ...2011.09.05 00:31:00
- 6.5 BIL BO let me know here ASAP if you are willing to accept it within the next 24-48 hrs maximum. ...2011.09.04 23:27:00
- 4 BIL BO since puts it only at 3.5 bil. However besides that 4bil bid I ...2011.09.04 23:21:00
- 5.5 bil BO IF we can make the sale today (im gonna be home in like 10 hours and then I can send the ...2011.09.04 23:13:00
- 5 BIL BO slightly negociable IF you manage to reply here and we can make the sale asap. I got the mo ...2011.09.04 23:08:00

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