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- Capital ships have to much HP for sub-capital DPS ships to be effective. What if Capital Ships had s ...2011.08.24 08:49:00
- Edited by: Captain Black Jack on 24/08/2011 08:28:15 What if one could rig Jumpgates to self-destru ...2011.08.24 08:24:00
- Like I said, just look at any WW2 footage of Naval Fleets and you will see what I mean.Interesteti ...2011.08.17 11:15:00
- Spaceship Sailors Purpose to reduce the size of fleets over the course of a battleMeans of achievem ...2011.08.16 13:09:00
- The larger your fleet, the slower it warps. 250 people = quarter warp speed.Fixes manouverability is ...2011.08.16 12:51:00

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