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- How many will be made to enter this contest?Discuss... ...2011.06.18 21:06:00
- I think the commentary was great. I'm not gonna nit pick when someone calls a Cyclone a Claymore. ...2011.06.11 21:19:00
- Launch 5 Target Painting Drones and set them to assist your friend? They should light up whatever ...2011.04.29 18:29:00
- I disagree with this change because it assumes the ultimate goal in Eve is to own "the best" space. ...2011.03.29 13:04:00
- Not really a market indicator, but more of an industry indicator would be when I can fly up to any h ...2011.02.03 17:31:00
- 0SHT-A ...2011.02.01 14:38:00

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