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- Due to TEST's incompetence surely they only count for a half person per ship on field right? ...2011.08.10 00:36:00
- Tanking subs and poor stats means it got pulled in favour of something that will be coming soon, mor ...2011.08.09 14:11:00
- I don't see a problem with my name. Perhaps you just have a hard time pronouncing it. ...2011.08.07 19:48:00
- There is nothing wrong with the mighty Welsh language. ~ PLAID CYMRU! ~ ...2011.08.07 19:43:00
- You sound incredibly gay right about now.Not judging, just saying.Obviously you are judging otherwis ...2011.08.03 07:44:00
- It strikes me that you are awfully emotionally invested in the entertainment practices of someone yo ...2011.08.03 00:30:00
- Genius notion!Use all your lasers on a single target?Then it'll pop sooner, and you can move onto th ...2011.08.02 21:05:00
- Not doing so well this month I see.Taken from eve-kill;31 Ships killed (6.01B ISK) 23 Ships lost (3 ...2011.08.02 18:58:00
- Why don't you go lose another ****fit nemesis about it. ...2011.08.02 08:37:00
- lo****ingl, i can give a **** less if im a nobody in the community of a video game. im simply pointi ...2011.08.02 07:57:00
- yes ...2011.08.02 06:59:00
- No idea, is the test server subforum also down? ...2011.08.02 06:45:00
- I'm sure no one cares but... You are right, no one cares what you think.CCP ****ed up royally and l ...2011.08.02 05:31:00
- Fast discrete travel with complete immunity?I can't think of anything wrong with this suggestion. ...2011.08.02 05:22:00
- As an anti-pirate I have found these corporations to be truly professional in their approach and rec ...2011.08.02 04:51:00

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