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- Ok, brilliant. Thanks all, that makes more sense now! ...2011.09.06 15:35:00
- Ok, so if I form a fleet and invite my brother as a squad member, I can then set him as Squad Booste ...2011.09.06 15:33:00
- Ok, but the eve wiki says that boosters dont apply the bonuses to people above. So if I was squad co ...2011.09.06 15:25:00
- Hi all, My brother and I have recently started fleeting up. He's training as a booster in his Bruti ...2011.09.06 14:45:00
- Ok, thanks all ...2011.09.01 11:56:00
- Is there a skill that allows more drones out? I understand there is a limit based on your bandwidth. ...2011.09.01 11:30:00
- Just what I was after! Thank you ...2011.08.19 08:15:00
- Hi all, I was recently doing some scanning around mirilene and came across an 'Unstable wormhole'. ...2011.08.19 07:43:00
- Have you tried running as administrator (right click) I had a similar problem and fixed it by runni ...2011.08.05 08:50:00
- Ah yes I remember them removing the learning skills and I had a ton of SP to reallocate. It's all s ...2011.08.05 08:17:00
- Ok, thanks guys. I thought there was more to it but I must be thinking of something else.Another que ...2011.08.04 14:14:00
- I am back and ready to jump back in to this. To sum it up, I left the job I was at and so had to gve ...2011.08.04 12:42:00
- I'm torn between "Dude, get a life" and "I wish I was you" Post of the week ...2011.08.01 12:02:00

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