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- Hey don't be hatin', I'm not a programmer I don't know when the API's changing :SI am looking forwar ...2011.08.20 21:25:00
- Edited by: Humanoid 25368 on 18/08/2011 00:20:36 when are you going to do employment history? ...2011.08.18 00:20:00
- No! Wait, stop! Don't do it! Don't..... NOOOOOOOOOAwww, too late. You fed the troll. ...2011.08.08 07:01:00
- I want to keep bumping this to the top JUST so it can generate more lulz for other forum goers. Thx ...2011.08.04 02:20:00
- Ohhh, nice story on the login page by ISD. How'd you wrangle that one up? ...2011.08.02 22:32:00
- Edited by: Humanoid 25368 on 26/07/2011 05:56:32 I feel that as this gets more popular, some enterp ...2011.07.26 05:55:00

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