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- I don't think complaining about it for everyone to see is gonna endear you to your chain of command. ...2009.06.03 18:55:00
- Just have someone in the gang with a Scimitar...Been walking all over plexes/sleepers that way. ...2009.06.03 15:52:00
- 36 and a mission ***** during the week,low-sec piracy on the weekend..So a 3. ...2009.06.01 16:17:00
- Same problem here,i've tried re-installing but keep getting corrup files box. ...2009.04.18 16:09:00
- Bumpage! ...2009.04.17 07:55:00
- The majority of my family still travel with the Bantu-Torus caravan,so apart from the occasional car ...2009.04.16 00:40:00
- I'll be there Smagd,my grandpa has just distilled a new batch of Firewhiskey for you. Oh! And i wan ...2009.04.06 09:33:00
- Signed.This problem really does need sorting,and if Ghost's idea ain't do-able then just make sharin ...2009.03.29 00:16:00
- So that's what you get upto during DT ...2009.03.26 17:44:00
- Nice story,i really like the dumb schmuk recently released slave angle,i can just imagine them as yo ...2009.03.24 03:19:00
- Friendly bump. ...2009.03.12 01:27:00
- Which division do you run? I do l4 Archangels and Guardian Angels. ...2009.03.12 01:21:00
- After the thukkers practically put Shakor in power, would anything else make sense?Don't you mean to ...2009.03.12 00:31:00
- Edited by: Camperific on 12/03/2009 00:14:53 The solar panel looking things are actually the Shield ...2009.03.12 00:14:00
- If they were masters of VR and neural interfacing,could it be possible that they uploaded their cons ...2009.03.12 00:12:00

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