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- So im minmatar and ive also cross skilled into flying gallentee ships, and my rupture is good but la ...2011.08.19 17:19:00
- Well i start college soon and i don't know what to expect?NCSU FTW WIN! ...2011.08.17 11:54:00
- YEAH, it sounds very expensive. But in the future when manufacturing technology becomes cheap and in ...2011.08.17 11:52:00
- Well recently Ive seen some post still popping up talking about Black Prophecy and whether is better ...2011.08.16 23:34:00
- so im minmatar and iv ebeen missioning for caldari for my corp, but now ive gotten a bad standing wi ...2011.08.15 15:09:00
- well arnt they always suppose to look like this ...2011.08.04 15:17:00
- Edited by: Andre II on 03/08/2011 23:50:27 well as you see in the pic ...2011.08.03 23:49:00
- thanks! it had really been bothering me, also, is it possible customize the window size of the "wind ...2011.08.03 23:29:00
- So i just got a new laptop with windows 7 and i like running multiple programs, such as while im pla ...2011.08.03 21:40:00
- so the small clock in the bottom left corner, how do i change it from army time to standard 12 hours ...2011.08.02 14:19:00
- well i finally saved up enough money to buy a cruiser, since my destroyer is starting to get beat by ...2011.08.02 14:15:00

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