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- Player seeking a little justice seeks descrete mercs.Please Eve mail me in game if you are intereste ...2011.09.09 00:55:00
- Jobs complete.Thanx to those who responded. ...2011.09.09 00:52:00
- People and Places -> Select 'Solar System' from list -> type system in search bar -> right click sys ...2011.09.08 14:44:00
- Can you make it so that anywhere we see a pilots name listed. We can create a personal contract dir ...2011.09.07 22:07:00
- I don't know about you guys. But I would really like the option of searching for a star system and s ...2011.09.07 22:04:00
- Estimated Range would work too. ...2011.09.07 21:58:00
- As you are going to be patching the charge overview for missiles soon anyways. I would like to reque ...2011.09.03 16:40:00
- I am a Gallente militia pilotI am in need of having assets (which include fitted ships) moved out of ...2011.08.31 16:48:00
- you won't get a roadmap till after 18 months is up. We were promised this and best if they deliver o ...2011.08.03 23:56:00
- Hmmmmm....Never heard of an entire company going on vacation all at once .... ...2011.08.03 22:46:00
- Edited by: Ramadawn on 30/07/2011 19:12:31 Which Devblog provides a decent incarna roadmap? ...2011.07.30 19:12:00
- Maybe we should just keep bumping this topic till someone gives us an answer :) ...2011.07.29 17:23:00
- I came back to eve for incarna. Yet a full month after it's release all it amounts to is a room. The ...2011.07.28 19:08:00
- I don't mind the speed so much. I do mind the DPS. And why does it have drones? Bring down the the D ...2011.06.13 10:55:00
- It's good to know that all the scared griefer's out there are willing to step forth and identify the ...2011.05.19 21:35:00

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