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- Region System Station Lonetrek Erenta Erenta V - Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Logistic Support L ...2011.08.29 22:20:00
- Great site - thanks! ...2011.08.29 16:41:00
- I have been running missions for Wiyrkomi Corporation for a bit now and have my standings up to 5.63 ...2011.08.29 16:29:00
- I just like the idea of making local delayed and having the game publicly announce all gate activati ...2011.08.20 04:30:00
- 1) The entry listed in the expedition tab of the journal is your bookmark. When in the system, just ...2011.08.20 01:57:00
- Hey y'all... have a couple of noob questions on escalationsWhen given an escalation to a different s ...2011.08.15 18:21:00
- Edited by: Spy 21 on 05/08/2011 03:03:27 Agree on deleting trials from the database... but does tha ...2011.08.05 03:03:00
- Wow 3 pages and no one has yet to mention that between the reduction in SP given to new characters a ...2011.08.05 02:40:00
- Why do you need to perma boost a Mael. ?Cap stable shield boost mael is nearly invincible in level 4 ...2011.08.04 15:12:00
- Very large amount of excellent ideas put forth in this thread. The feature of Null Sec today is that ...2011.08.04 00:13:00
- I don't always play PVP.But when I do, I fly Minmatar ships.Fly thirsty my friend. ...2011.08.03 21:25:00
- You can build a perma-boost mealstrom using 3 large CCC rigsPower Diagnostic System II Capacitor Fl ...2011.08.03 20:45:00
- Don't listen to the naysaying poo-poo heads.+1 ...2011.08.03 20:21:00
- You can already harvest noob ships for value... self destruct, then salvage = 1 unit of metal scraps ...2011.08.03 17:06:00
- I would like to see a feature implemented that would allow me to select multiple items and hit the s ...2011.08.03 15:20:00

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