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- Edited by: Lady Spank on 01/08/2011 00:13:37 Though, the OP is a bit of a joke. Amuses me watching ...2011.08.01 01:18:00
- I would have gone with Apollo ...2011.07.26 20:59:00
- Personally I think you over complicating running ca's in a C3. The Tengu can run its own T2 tank and ...2011.07.14 20:36:00
- Edited by: Hira Nataka on 14/07/2011 04:15:26 Edited by: Headerman on 14/07/2011 02:07:45 The Domi ...2011.07.14 04:15:00
- What other ships you plan to use with it?? Drakes mostly. He simply wants to run a repping boat and ...2011.07.14 04:10:00
- So I am in a small WH corp, mostly alts and casual gamers, and we have become interested in taking o ...2011.07.13 19:43:00
- I was searching Battleclinic and maybe I am just terrible at searching it, but I could find no good ...2011.07.13 19:34:00
- Please just listen to all the vets who have already answered your question. If you are going to come ...2011.07.08 22:54:00
- Edited by: Hira Nataka on 07/07/2011 23:28:31 Because YOU ARE A PIRATE! YAR HAR! ...2011.07.07 23:28:00
- Dunno if any of these are already listed, but here are my wishes. 1: Ore Capital Mining Barge: Think ...2011.07.06 22:31:00

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