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- I'm seeking one trade character with all relavent trade skills at V. Tycoon and remote trading skil ...2011.06.29 05:39:00
- My goals in the short term: -station trading -a bit of t1 production -anything else that might co ...2011.06.29 04:57:00
- =( ...2011.06.29 02:58:00
- Yeah, seeing as i'm well shy of getting into a freighter or having decent trade skills. I'm thinkin ...2011.06.29 00:15:00
- My immidiate goals are producing more ammo and trading it in Jita or some other active hub. Longer- ...2011.06.29 00:01:00
- Wish I had 30b isk!Free bump. :( ...2011.06.28 23:52:00
- Edited by: Yuta Nagano on 28/06/2011 23:37:16 A little back-story; i'm a three year EVE vet. Start ...2011.06.28 23:37:00

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