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- Once Dominion hit i feel like it has been downhill and then when incarna hit we kinda hit a cliff... ...2011.09.03 19:46:00
- I will never buy anything from the NEXBut i would pay CCP to take it down ...2011.09.03 19:42:00
- Never forgetFOR TUBERFIELD!!FOR INTERNET SPACESHIPS!! ...2011.09.03 15:57:00
- b/c red bull drinking ADD 12 year old perverts with violence issues are not the easiest audience to ...2011.09.02 17:13:00
- The sad thing is EVE is actually finally dieing......... ...2011.09.02 17:11:00
- DUST 514 producer Thomas Farrer sat down with Gamasutra to shed some light on the nitty-gritty detai ...2011.09.02 17:01:00
- Edited by: Trainwreck McGee on 01/09/2011 23:02:13 INTERNET SPACESHIPSINTER****INGNET SPACESHIPSedi ...2011.09.01 22:59:00
- 1/5 and 2/5 ...2011.09.01 22:55:00
- barbies + evebook + likes in forumget a ****ing grip CCP ...2011.08.30 21:44:00
- "Apocrypha was a large expansion that took the resources of a large percentage of the company, and i ...2011.08.28 15:58:00
- This is the comment that made me realize that there are people working for CCP that are seriously de ...2011.08.27 20:53:00
- Another QQ thread about QQ'ing that is now more common then QQ threadsThis is so meta its monocle ...2011.08.27 14:46:00
- No matter how real the fact is that yelling on these forums does nothing i still strive.....sighno! ...2011.08.27 02:12:00
- I am part of "we"and i approve this message. ...2011.08.26 17:00:00
- What do you think the ratio is of upper management at CCP saying "do you know what would be cool" to ...2011.08.26 16:57:00

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