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- Actually, if you don't mind mailing me as well in game. I would like to know some of this and get a ...2011.07.25 19:40:00
- A lot of people vie for the simplicity of other MMO's hence why EVE isn't as popular. They jump in b ...2011.07.25 19:33:00
- Personally I feel Eve is catering to Carebears and PVPers alike. Carebares just have to be careful. ...2011.07.25 18:38:00
- Edited by: Creegz Brae on 13/07/2011 20:50:31 Way to suck 5 minutes of my time away on this thread. ...2011.07.13 20:49:00
- Scortched Merc: The guy who posted before me is ******ed. ...2011.07.05 18:20:00
- Can we get clarification as to why CCP thinks that using the avatar and wandering the CQ is an integ ...2011.07.04 21:49:00
- This is actually a fascinating prospect, and it seems almost void of insider trading, so cheating it ...2011.07.04 18:05:00
- Edited by: Creegz Brae on 04/07/2011 21:46:25 Edited by: JMERCENARY on 03/07/2011 17:21:24 It's no ...2011.07.04 17:56:00

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