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- lolpve ...2011.08.28 12:01:00
- Every time you click on the NeX store to laugh at, a number goes up by 1 at CCP HQ. ...2011.08.27 01:22:00
- ...2011.08.25 14:07:00
- Rats with wings. No, they cannot sing "happy bird day to you...." down the phone when it's your birt ...2011.08.24 21:30:00
- Let it go man, Jesus Christ said that it's easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than it ...2011.08.24 19:35:00
- Usual naysayers devoid of reasoning.Eve dying != You not liking Eve any more. Or more accurately, Ev ...2011.08.24 19:12:00
- Move to Null, become nameless nobody in the ISK printing machine, declare yourself important. Game O ...2011.08.23 17:57:00
- Put it on eve is real and get a bot to vote it up.Get enough votes, and you get fingers & tops from ...2011.08.23 12:31:00
- CCP are determined to drive people into playing Diablo 3, it's just a matter of time & inevitability ...2011.08.23 11:40:00
- As long as it is a number greater than zero, somebody somewhere at CCP is declaring victory and talk ...2011.08.23 09:54:00
- If the forums weren't filled with trivial complaints they could be much better. Fix the symptoms, n ...2011.08.23 09:34:00
- Is that the website with some planets and nothing to click on? Yeah I looked at that once, it didn' ...2011.08.23 09:31:00
- Actually CCP promised nothing at all except to continue on the path to righteous monetisation. They ...2011.08.23 09:16:00
- They must know a secret way in through a pinhole of non-bubble. Probe them down when they use it. ...2011.08.22 22:19:00
- No it is not. It's an instruction at worst and a bloody good suggestion in the context he used it. ...2011.08.22 21:59:00

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