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- + bump ...2011.06.29 05:30:00
- His blogs interesting.Please, whatever you do, do not unban me. You are the worst company Iíve ever ...2011.06.28 07:58:00
- Totally unwarranted ban.Helicity was a pillar of the community and was respected by all.http://paste ...2011.06.28 07:35:00
- Oh I thought they banned him for posting a link to the leaked document. Whatever the case may be it ...2011.06.26 06:36:00
- You got my attention. Can't log in.Hope CCP starts handing out suspensions. ...2011.06.24 19:01:00
- We also deserve an emote to allow us to spit on them.You're so upset, it's beautiful.More disgusted ...2011.06.21 18:15:00
- We also deserve an emote to allow us to spit on them. ...2011.06.21 17:07:00
- Guess they can delete the apology and perspective threads.Don't need damage control any more right?W ...2011.06.21 13:01:00
- Repressed teen angst. ...2011.06.21 05:44:00
- I liked how awkward the commentators were in the final. ...2011.06.21 02:54:00
- the end of the day... Girls > BoysAt the end of the day the boys let the girls win.. how chiva ...2011.06.20 15:37:00
- I hope not. I suspect PL trying to soil our good nameGold.I wouldn't **** on you if you were on fire ...2011.06.20 15:17:00
- This contest should be nullified. Save the prize for tomorrow.The winner is the winner whether they ...2011.06.20 11:47:00
- M8 U WANNA 1V1 4 HONOUR>????I'll 1v1 you for honour. But only if you let me win. ...2011.06.20 08:57:00
- Edited by: Wencher on 20/06/2011 08:50:22 I was about to read this long winded excuse and was prepa ...2011.06.20 08:50:00

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