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- I have seen Cedille complain in post after post about null sec, the CSM, and The Mittani but I have ...2011.08.06 23:53:00
- Sort of a wise old mentor "Obi-Wan" sort of look but for some reason it seems to be lacking in detai ...2011.08.06 23:13:00
- If you don't want to be forced into pvp stay in the NPC corp where you never have to worry about war ...2011.08.06 22:46:00
- There is an upcoming nebula change that sounds like it is going to make the skybox and backgrounds m ...2011.08.06 22:41:00
- Malachor Jankor,2,3,31,21,23,47,71,73,78,77,94,100,141,171 ...2011.07.24 08:09:00
- ok thx for the straight simple answer. biomassing 2 24M accounts and cancelling.Should someone tell ...2011.07.21 23:31:00
- I'm actually so used to that static station door now that if they bring back some form of hangar and ...2011.07.21 23:20:00
- Good lord the people who play MMO's are self important, self entitled, pathetic, whiny little freaks ...2011.07.19 12:49:00
- Free SP? The whining on the forums is reward enough for me. ...2011.07.16 22:54:00
- I'm new to the game so don't take my word as gospel but I started out trying scanning and exploratio ...2011.07.14 19:19:00
- Minmatar and Caladari frigate and with Minmatar you are going to want to learn projectile turrets an ...2011.07.14 19:06:00
- Every time I see a thread *****ing about the CSM I know it was made by some whiney little butthurt b ...2011.07.13 21:33:00
- Someone please ban the hoi polloi who started this thread. ...2011.07.12 08:24:00
- I'm a new player and I figured out the roll of the interceptor and what he did. New player doesn't ...2011.07.12 08:07:00
- Honestly they can have mine. I'll give em up without a fight. ...2011.07.12 08:02:00

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