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- You should war deck NOIR lots of targets or any of the other super huge merc corps. ...2011.09.05 23:05:00
- Looking for Merc corps to war dec each other for my entertainment, how much will this cost? Wow goo ...2011.08.17 20:50:00
- This guy allmost caught me in my dram iam so glad i fit an anti SB a%%hole fit :) ...2011.08.17 19:34:00
- So if everyone and there brother is a merc what the hell is everyone eles doing then? ...2011.08.17 19:30:00
- i will pay 4billion isk to anybodie that can provide me with a corpse of user: manbeef largeyamscont ...2011.07.12 20:24:00
- I`m on a horse Iam on a boat. ...2011.07.12 01:44:00
- I liked helicity events and tears as much as the next guy and while it is very sad said person got b ...2011.07.06 23:05:00
- More like monobrows amirite.No surprises that this useless yet shiny object gets the neanderthals ex ...2011.07.05 18:47:00
- Mytz So Best So.I wish the peasants would see it this way, and stop the constant whining. It's annoy ...2011.07.05 17:45:00
- And just like that my monicle pets dance for me. THIS!!!! ...2011.07.01 01:59:00
- Party time excelent you bring the coke i will bring the Boobs ...2011.06.29 23:48:00
- Edited by: Im Super Gay on 29/06/2011 01:40:03 Edited by: Im Super Gay on 29/06/2011 01:38:35 put ...2011.06.29 01:57:00
- Let's get it straight, ok? 1. You don't make ISK as a new pirate. 2. You don't make ISK as an expe ...2011.06.29 01:52:00
- Peasant, why do you feel the need cluster these boards with this feeble tale of rubbish? This and i ...2011.06.29 01:47:00

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