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- How about the return of unlimited saved ship fittings?I think that may be around 2000/4000 Aur, alon ...2011.08.24 21:20:00
- hidden one in some .ini file or something.boot.ini? ...2011.08.24 20:55:00
- At least a cut from this on loop maybe. ...2011.08.24 20:48:00
- This is a remix of a popular meme, while listening to it, I had a religious experience and had the s ...2011.08.23 17:50:00
- h0 h0 h0, har har har ...2011.08.22 23:46:00
- Shyt just got real. ...2011.07.31 17:53:00
- I'm part of that everybody, and I agree. Stop ramrodding the Aur bull**** down my throat. K thx bye. ...2011.07.30 21:43:00
- This is so depressing. ...2011.07.30 19:55:00
- It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't trying to ram the goddamn Aur concept down our throats. Ads fo ...2011.07.30 17:46:00
- WIt helps them feel things out and not do things as half baked.Yeah like releasing Captains Quarters ...2011.07.26 19:54:00
- I love how an honest thread about PVE ideas turns into a massive nerf missions troll. ...2011.07.26 19:48:00
- Inappropriate comment removed. Spitfire It looks like it was just one guy who is Norwegian. Right w ...2011.07.22 23:40:00
- Edited by: Spr09 on 22/07/2011 23:12:48 thanks for the laugh, this ******ed post made my day!wtf? t ...2011.07.22 23:22:00
- CCP Soundwave was a goon? No wonder. ...2011.07.20 23:44:00
- I would like to see more ass like the skirt ad I saw, maybe some thong action or something. ...2011.07.19 19:37:00

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