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- Bump for some damn good pilots. ...2011.04.21 02:10:00
- My name is Beowolf Schaefer and I approve this thread ...2011.03.26 08:54:00
- nevermind. Found a solution by going windowed, stretching to the size I want then switching back to ...2010.12.09 00:47:00
- Edited by: Beowolf Schaefer on 09/12/2010 00:39:01So the new windowless setting is awesome. I love n ...2010.12.09 00:34:00
- NW Burbs here. A couple miles from Gurnee Mills.I was at the meetup last year and I'd be in for anot ...2010.08.02 16:01:00
- Contact me in game about your stuff in Stain Wolf. I live there and I'm always lookin for fire sales ...2010.07.26 13:53:00
- Forgive the shameless plug but I wrote up a couple posts about my past 3 months living in Stain here ...2010.07.16 15:35:00
- Saminer and Sagain are within jump range of a few Stain systems. ...2010.07.14 05:43:00
- It's Father's day in the US tomorrow. Any chance of a replay following the live broadcast? The Youtu ...2010.06.20 02:59:00
- Great stuff. Thanks Kirith! ...2010.06.18 15:02:00
- Live is so much more satisfying. Plus the youtube clips miss a lot of the snappy commentary. ...2010.06.13 21:51:00
- Next week I think I'm going to have to miss part of the tourney due to family crap. Yeah meatspace s ...2010.06.13 21:13:00
- lol, Whats up Coz. Just asking what others' opinions are of lowsec. I know mine :) ...2010.05.18 00:05:00
- the possibility of PVP without the commitment of getting a "second job" in nullsec. Personally, I h ...2010.05.17 23:27:00
- Thanks for the responses guys. Some valid points there. Some benefits of lowsec I hadn't considered. ...2010.05.17 22:56:00

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