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- That's exactly what someone making **** up would say. Why are you making **** up? I once saw you sca ...2011.08.31 06:54:00
- Edited by: Umad Bro Questionmark on 31/08/2011 05:44:15No, I'm saying that anyone who runs around ne ...2011.08.31 06:07:00
- Ask the guys behind Costco and Walmart why "crashing" a local market is good business.Very simple ex ...2011.08.31 03:53:00
- Lol scam and lol @ the pic up there, but: Sorry chums, if general behavior is any indication then t ...2011.08.31 03:29:00
- Generally speaking, if I'm looking for an opportunity to invest in something, I want the recipient o ...2011.08.30 15:19:00
- I was making Broadcast Nodes with one character and 5 planets. On a very good day I was slugging ou ...2011.08.29 05:50:00
- Gas planets are rough. When depletion forces you to move your ECUs in order to be able to reach the ...2011.08.29 05:47:00
- Just my 0.02 as someone who started playing 3 months ago (just crossed over 4m SP)...I raced into ba ...2011.08.29 04:27:00

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