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- EVE as it isnt malware maybe caught at a crossfire by this measure only because it is not developed ...2011.06.08 16:28:00
- Edited by: Navetse Sasen on 08/06/2011 16:19:56 The issue about character standings on info goes as ...2011.06.08 15:03:00
- About the standings, I personally prefeer this way, as many people do, so corps that want to hire ba ...2011.06.08 13:11:00
- The problem with stacking itens stacks (lol) with all other problems about "automatic refreshing" in ...2011.06.08 12:12:00
- Another problem, I think most people dont get because there are few dedicated caldari freighters aro ...2011.06.08 09:00:00

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