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- Add a Tractor Beam, if possible. A Small Tractor Beam I is a little pricey (around 900K at the momen ...2011.07.09 06:29:00
- Edited by: Ketria Saine on 04/07/2011 20:20:14 One piece of information I discovered in the latest ...2011.07.04 20:18:00
- As a new player of four months, I hope all EVE expansions are not like this! So I've read the statem ...2011.07.02 21:49:00
- Edited by: Ketria Saine on 28/06/2011 23:03:48 Glad to hear your daughter is recovering well, CCP P ...2011.06.28 23:03:00
- Excellent post, OP. Everything that CQ could and should be. +1. ...2011.06.27 17:25:00
- Edited by: Ketria Saine on 25/06/2011 23:00:15As a new player of three-and-a-half months ('Nuff said ...2011.06.25 22:27:00
- I'm not fed up... Just rather concerned. ...2011.06.25 06:37:00
- If we're are being forced to keep the automatic disembark into CQ, then I would like to suggest the ...2011.06.23 21:28:00
- Unoptimised... ...2011.06.23 21:15:00
- A lot has happened over the last couple of days, and although I have posted earlier today about my c ...2011.06.23 12:57:00
- My biggest concern is the deafening silence from CCP. A few weeks ago I had a forced change of circu ...2011.06.23 06:07:00
- I am a new player. Once the NEX was in place I was going to buy a couple of PLEX with GBP and conve ...2011.06.22 06:19:00
- Energy Systems Operation V... Three days to go... ...2011.06.21 06:16:00
- On my first character I did the SOE arc with a Catalyst destroyer, then trained up Gallente Cruiser ...2011.06.18 17:43:00
- I lost an evening's EVE playtime due to the DDOS. During that time I watched some TV, surfed the net ...2011.06.16 17:28:00

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