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- It had better be damn good. And it won't be unless it includes Zulu's resignation.Unprofessional th ...2011.07.02 09:18:00
- What,,, ARE you talking about? ...2011.07.02 09:07:00
- Edited by: Rushnik on 02/07/2011 07:56:04 Lets take a look at this: ...2011.07.02 08:58:00
- I'm so gonna do pose to play,, where do i sign up? ...2011.07.02 08:55:00
- Skills are skills, I like having a lot.However, you end up running into the clone costs. >_> Perhap ...2011.06.28 17:37:00
- With stuff going the way it is, we might as well add another idea into the hat.Eve joining the "Free ...2011.06.28 17:32:00
- There are already several fixes out and also in the pipeline to be released in the next days but e ...2011.06.26 18:44:00
- Same issue here, though I disabled the CQ now due to the game suffering from software issues which b ...2011.06.26 15:34:00
- +1?Very much so. His response to the general public is absolutely unacceptable.Give a man a respons ...2011.06.26 15:25:00
- Antialiasing is on "use application settings" here.Where did you find the option in question? ...2011.06.26 15:05:00
- Yeah, the new strip miners are quite underwhelming >_>I liked the old "giant ray of destruction" muc ...2011.06.26 08:19:00
- This is not a question that I can answer as I am neither familiar with work in this particular fea ...2011.06.26 08:07:00
- Win vista 64 bit, Intel i7, 6 gb ram.Crashes every 30 or so minutes.No problems before, this only ...2011.06.26 08:01:00
-'s not heat, and dxdiag has "no ...2011.06.26 07:51:00
- Edited by: Gordon Hellbender on 26/06/2011 07:49:32 A new day, and new chances to die. Sitting ins ...2011.06.26 07:44:00

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