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- For lvl 4 missions Domi + Shield Tank + 425mm's + t2 sentries = Absolute WinSadly myrm is outdone by ...2009.02.06 09:19:00
- OP please change the title of the thread. What you are trying to show is the absence of range bonus ...2009.02.05 15:36:00
- for meds 2xLSE 4x rat specific hardeners and 3x recharge rigs ...2009.02.04 12:30:00
- If I were to use a rokh for missions I would probably go with something like this: Capacitor Flux C ...2009.02.03 09:45:00
- In most lvl 5 missions there is heavy energy neutralizing present. So the active tanks usually fail ...2009.02.03 09:11:00
- If you are not going to put any rigs, go for an armor tank. Passive regen shield tanking really shin ...2009.02.02 09:38:00
- Here are the passive ones in case you want to try out passive tanking. First uses torpedoes instead ...2009.02.02 09:00:00
- I love my domi for sub-capital pos warfare. You can fit dual remote reppers + 4 350mm's + MWD + ECCM ...2009.02.02 08:21:00
- For those roaming gangs mobility > tank. So if I were to use a myrm instead of ishtar, I would proba ...2009.02.01 21:55:00
- For strictly active tanking: Tactical shield manipulation is not a "maybe" thats at least IV Energ ...2009.01.30 13:36:00
- Heavies: Travel time for heavies is too much and you need to train drone spec skills of all races t ...2009.01.30 13:23:00
- Edited by: Kirtan Loor on 28/01/2009 12:45:22 sentry 2sAye sentry 2'sPut some armor tank in lows, M ...2009.01.28 12:41:00
- I see this question format all the time in forums: t2(sometimes t1) BC vs HACIn most scenarios t2 B ...2009.01.28 12:39:00
- Edited by: Kirtan Loor on 27/01/2009 21:29:27 2 Invulns on Tech 1 ships. 1 Invuln and 1 Photon on ...2009.01.27 21:29:00
- 2 dampeners will not reduce locking range below your nos range. So when you try to nos the enemy, yo ...2009.01.27 12:41:00

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