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- Edited by: Jude Lloyd on 29/08/2011 09:15:04 You called me "smelly"....Your maturity level has come ...2011.08.29 09:43:00
- only a bad player who ask for killmails to get removedif you think removing some text would stop scr ...2011.08.29 09:40:00
- get a real computer ...2011.08.29 08:52:00
- Yarr Vee Bee doesn't use Falcons although some of us are bads like me. rvb is a whole bunch of noob ...2011.08.29 06:46:00
- fa are useless, carebear rentersof course they dont want local removed or they would all be dying to ...2011.08.28 14:56:00
- are you bad at forums or do you like putting quotes of me in your post so you feel like at least som ...2011.08.28 14:54:00
- its amusing to see people get trolled into thinking the csm is something important. protip its a bun ...2011.08.28 14:52:00
- your more or less liky to get blobbed by people who care about thier kill ratio and kb stats than ac ...2011.08.28 14:47:00
- so its been awhile i need to do the community good.if you know where scrubs are, post in this thread ...2011.08.28 14:26:00
- stop being a scrub and buy yourself one. make sure your mates get some toono more crying because you ...2011.08.28 14:23:00
- As the leader of an alt posting bad corp that makes bad threads and posts this story amuses me no en ...2011.08.28 14:20:00
- The ships go boom; and last I noticed, not are a good.And if you make courier contracts ...2011.08.28 14:17:00
- Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Tracking Enhancer II Nanofiber Internal Structure II D ...2011.08.28 14:13:00
- fly tengu. first you dont waste your time with **** spaceships, you dont waste an alt on a **** spac ...2011.08.28 14:11:00
- stop being fail and do it yourself scrublord ...2011.08.28 14:09:00

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