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- Edited by: Etioki Otumone on 25/07/2011 18:21:36 EVE seems to work on my old Air with Lion. 1,86 GH ...2011.07.25 18:21:00
- Edited by: Etioki Otumone on 25/07/2011 18:11:57 I would like to know the spec's of your iMac. Mayb ...2011.07.25 18:11:00
- Well, it depends.That's probably not the answer you wanted to read. EVE is EVE is EVE, whether you p ...2011.07.24 08:34:00
- I'm using a 27" iMac, i5, Radeon 5750 w/ 1 GB VRAM.Since Incarna, I've been having the following iss ...2011.07.23 10:55:00
- Still experiencing occasional crashes when entering CQ and a reproducible crash when entering the ch ...2011.07.05 12:20:00
- As others have said already, Wine is Crossover is Cider on which a Windows version of EVE runs.Mac u ...2011.07.05 12:10:00
- Edited by: Etioki Otumone on 24/06/2011 22:21:08 I am a new player, but I have been watching EVE fo ...2011.06.24 22:16:00
- Am I the only person that likes CQ and the future possibility of walking around the stations? *shrug ...2011.06.22 12:02:00
- I disagree, EVE is not played by the same bleeding edge gamers that play COD and all those other ble ...2011.06.22 11:39:00
- Don't know if this has been reported already:On my iMac 27", 2.8 GHz i5, 4 GB RAM, ATI HD 5750 w/ 1 ...2011.06.22 11:19:00
- While I understand the sentiments of the many users that have older systems, you need to understand ...2011.06.22 11:02:00

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