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- Oh and correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't Sony try anything to help its sales right now and is CC ...2011.06.30 13:09:00
- Don't get ****ed off at CCP or better yet do if you feel like it, just don't react foolishly. If you ...2011.06.30 12:58:00
- Yeah I was a little ignorant of the details and I thank you for that, but that is going to be anothe ...2011.06.30 12:55:00
- Edited by: Romarius Antollare on 25/06/2011 06:18:07 Please explain to me the reasoning behind maki ...2011.06.25 06:14:00
- This all is a pointless waste of ammunition. CCP will do what it wants and there is nothing you can ...2011.06.25 06:09:00

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