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- Edited by: new fgft Athonille on 29/05/2011 10:50:24 was 9 right and 5 wrong. nice upsets by bacon ...2011.05.29 10:49:00
- for my posts about the fail groups of eve and for everybody to get jealous of my posting talentsalso ...2011.05.29 10:44:00
- picturehi artemis alt. why dont you post on that character anymore. you were bad then too, so it can ...2011.05.29 10:42:00
- ganglinksor selling to buy a tengu ...2011.05.29 10:24:00
- making meterosexual vampires trumps your petty needs ...2011.05.29 10:10:00
- Since when do Devs post in favour of threads with no content instead of locking them?compentance is ...2011.05.29 10:04:00
- Nah this Domi is just one of the 20 other ships that jump in and pwn you when you aggress bait.sco ...2011.05.29 09:56:00
- who lives wherewhere da noobs atcarebear centers, tech moons. where they athotspots, brospots, lets ...2011.05.29 09:48:00
- I don't know who anybody is or who they claim to be anymore, can I just have the carebear tears and ...2011.05.29 09:46:00
- Scottish Fold They are mighty and deadly, we live only at their mercy and benevolence.ALL HAIL THE S ...2011.05.29 09:42:00
- fakeyou shall not claim credit for the revolution i created bro ...2011.05.29 03:33:00
- new day bumpi can devaste your enemies in posts. look at c and p and watch them flee before my might ...2011.05.29 03:25:00
- Edited by: new fgft Athonille on 29/05/2011 03:23:21 so yu liek killed a corp memmebrgfgfbe ready t ...2011.05.29 03:23:00
- sup ...2011.05.29 03:15:00
- you complains about people defiling c and pyou defiles c and pyou doesnt get iti profit ...2011.05.29 00:46:00

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