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- Il up it to 650 or another free bump =) ...2011.07.23 05:53:00
- I make the starting bid, 500M urious, what where you trying to make of this toon?What ship, or what ...2011.07.22 04:15:00
- Sounds interesting. ...2011.06.19 21:18:00
- I don't know if this is a troll thread or not, but I sure hope its not, otherwise some one got scamm ...2011.06.12 13:24:00
- I currently yield 12% (estimated) profit margin's of total investment return rate PER DAYLet me know ...2011.06.05 20:32:00
- Plex prices are stabilizing out, but yes indeed. 600 million for a plex is to much for most people.. ...2011.06.05 20:26:00
- Cant find the full list of all Vessel types that are no longer a potential piece of profit for merch ...2011.05.27 11:35:00

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