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- You might get some legit answers but in all likelihood you'll just get trolled or lied to. Most peop ...2011.07.03 20:00:00
- Click and drag your loot window to expand it. Right click one of the blank columns and you should se ...2011.07.03 18:32:00
- Seems like you're interchanging security status and standings. They're two different things.You gain ...2011.07.03 18:09:00
- Edited by: stoicfaux on 02/07/2011 05:02:34 Correct me if i'm wrong, but the ONLY isk sinks are:htt ...2011.07.02 17:08:00
- Any help would be appreciated.1 - I want to be able to sort my fits alphabetically 2 - I want to be ...2011.07.02 15:03:00
- Correct me if i'm wrong, but the ONLY isk sinks are:LP Store isk costs Relatively minor taxes and f ...2011.07.02 03:34:00
- Edited by: Rhivre on 29/06/2011 17:38:43 Edited by: Rhivre on 29/06/2011 17:37:50 Woah, woah. Some ...2011.06.29 17:48:00
- Plex doesn't CREATE isk, it merely transfers it from one player to another. That's not really inflat ...2011.06.29 17:32:00
- Woah, woah. Some clarification please.I'm one of those people who will jump to a higher buy order, b ...2011.06.29 17:22:00
- Navy hull is very much worth buying. As with most things, as long as you don't blow the ship up you ...2011.06.26 21:54:00
- Edited by: Vaylent PrinterOne on 26/06/2011 21:13:33 How about 3 tracking mods and 2 webs as follow ...2011.06.26 21:11:00
- I personally would make the EM rig T2, drop the sensor booster for a heat dissipation amp, and repla ...2011.06.26 20:32:00
- this might be a good setup for OTA's where you shoot at cruiser or BS, but how good is it I wonder V ...2011.06.26 19:27:00
- Looking for a shield fit vindi for vanguards. I can't use tech 2 guns; just about everything else. I ...2011.06.26 17:49:00
- - I can use any T2 appropriate for a CNR - My ship is fitted with 2x Riggor IIs and 1x Flare Cat I, ...2011.06.15 21:30:00

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