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- Edited by: Layla Ravensclaw on 21/06/2011 22:15:33 blaster should be counterparts to pulselaser or ...2011.06.21 22:14:00
- why only in the launcher? a evetime (utc) clock in gerneral in the forum headline. so thats everyone ...2011.06.21 21:44:00
- I dont know where the rigth place is for the topic or if an topic like that exsit.But i get a bit bo ...2011.06.21 20:17:00
- in my eyes should be blaster get a better range. Cus all targets over 2000m gets no or very low dama ...2011.06.21 04:31:00
- unautorized pvp, shooting a npc station and crime like thats will punisched from concord with destro ...2011.06.21 03:41:00

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