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- Edited by: Damar Rocarion on 02/02/2011 18:18:55 That would be someone like yourself with a loose g ...2011.02.02 18:35:00
- Paging Hidden Snake to this thread. ...2011.01.08 13:48:00
- the purple ball generally looked smaller than the orange one.You might want to get that checked out ...2011.01.07 14:12:00
- Mostly Harmless pod. The fleet we picked it off from. Cal mil is starting to get cool again, even th ...2011.01.02 14:41:00
- ROFL - so these nice guys chat a lot and kill nearly nothing, because these nice corps u r speaki ...2010.11.29 21:43:00
- Edited by: Igloo on 29/11/2010 15:16:32 Edited by: Kaldar Dan on 29/11/2010 04:22:13 Edited by: Ka ...2010.11.29 15:16:00
- I'm wondering if BM and Damar have a bet going as to how long they can troll Chatgris? ...2010.11.23 16:15:00
- The pvp movies always look awesome, because rarely do they put in the many fights that they lose. ...2010.11.14 19:11:00
- maybe ... unfotunately in last two days I had RL duties Probably on vacation again right? (so n ...2010.11.05 13:55:00
- Bumping this for more carebears mining in low-sec! ...2010.11.04 20:18:00
- ad people who following me. well i dunno, some of them still are here no matter how hard i try. jest ...2010.11.03 13:04:00
- Not to be too critical since I have little FC experience myself but is it really efficient for the ...2010.11.01 13:21:00
- 'Gallente Militia - do they need nerfing?')Only since we started using drakes! ...2010.10.31 17:26:00
- Buckswanson has several posted on youtube.Tech 1 Frig fight: ...2010.10.29 20:23:00
- Edited by: Igloo on 27/10/2010 21:11:55 Just needs more fitting room. ...2010.10.27 21:10:00

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