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- The Old Loft is a very good place to go for a drink.However, Wolf is right, if you are accustomed to ...2011.06.30 11:42:00
- To Lady Neferis--You reacted with surprise to my offhand comment last night. I'm certain I do not kn ...2011.06.24 21:08:00
- I have been asked to write up my impressions for display on IGS. Impressions of the competition or i ...2011.06.23 03:34:00
- For myself, I choose to speak with Evangeline. ...2011.06.22 20:59:00
- Merahl blinks in surprise at the previous image, then bursts out laughing.I can not top that, not in ...2011.06.22 02:01:00
- Ah, if only all wishes could be granted...Lady Neferis, there is nothing I would ask that is at all ...2011.06.21 02:13:00
- Of those present at the event, I would recommend removal of claudia Vivienne. She is an exquisite be ...2011.06.17 23:57:00
- "Every time I see him talking to Johlie I find myself waiting for the first screwup to give me rea ...2011.06.17 13:57:00
- There is one serious gap in the lore about the immortal grunts. The chronicles and scientific articl ...2011.06.15 16:44:00
- Needs more boy booty. ...2011.06.07 16:05:00
-'m not a pretty face, or as young as I used to ...2011.06.04 13:39:00
- An eight-year corporate lifespan in this universe is no mean feat. Congratulations to you and your m ...2011.06.01 11:33:00

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