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- Minors buy services all the time, and even sell them! lolThis isn't something you're going to unders ...2011.09.08 08:18:00
- When you buy something at the store, that is a contract. How do minors shop? ...2011.09.08 06:45:00
- ...two different things. ...2011.09.07 21:17:00
- ITT: 14 year old who has an online GED in law. ...2011.09.07 18:37:00
- Working as intended, eh?You know, I like the whole carbonIO thing coming out. But I won't be playin ...2011.09.02 07:51:00
- Poetic I am truly disappointed. CCP is going to turn these forums into facebook next patch. If you h ...2011.08.30 18:34:00
- Bubbles Udan,143,28,82,34,91,54,76 ...2011.07.30 04:09:00
- To be fair though, I doubt CCP wants their game to be crashing. You guys act like they are smoking f ...2011.07.16 22:44:00
- Python ...2011.07.16 22:30:00
- ::roll eyes::Why not ask for CCP WOMEN AS REALDOLLS™? If you want to be a disgusting sexist ass, why ...2011.07.04 10:28:00
- Your last sentence is "reasonable" for people who play a day to day, near FPS like, style of Eve. ...2011.06.30 17:40:00
- time go back to rioting i thank ccp/csm's Nah. Been there, done that. It achieved all that it could ...2011.06.30 17:23:00
- Well said, we don't want explanations, we want stuff changed.You mean you DON'T want anything chan ...2011.06.30 17:12:00
- avoiding recoil is one of the major points with these thingys, you know. You just failed physics. F ...2011.06.28 11:55:00
- Railguns are cool. ...2011.06.28 11:49:00

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