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- Ok guys,thank you very much for the input. ...2011.08.18 08:38:00
- Ok, thank you guys.I'll try to get some help in the tech support for getting the client to run.If th ...2011.08.16 17:39:00
- Hi there,I'm currently away from my home computer and only have my notebook to access the internet. ...2011.08.16 15:44:00
- To me, part of the fun of this game is flying to ships that I want to fly and satisfying my own curi ...2011.08.16 13:49:00
- Edited by: SIR PRIME on 16/08/2011 13:04:17 Theory is more relevant to pvp as it trains your fittin ...2011.08.16 13:17:00
- Hi there,As a new player, I often get to read that it is way better to "max out" small ships before ...2011.08.16 12:40:00

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