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- Mittens only stands out but the concern is that only big alliance interests are being represented du ...2011.09.07 20:14:00
- DOES demonstrate alot of solid gameplay design principles. Almost all are plagiarised. ...2011.09.07 03:50:00
- Edited by: Jenshae Chiroptera on 07/09/2011 03:48:05 When you get your PC, make sure to assign your ...2011.09.07 03:47:00
- Do you deny that WoW pushes you to leave Goldshire, then to leave Redridge, eventually forcing you ...2011.09.07 03:08:00
- Okay continuing on the abortion of a forum and speaking of which ... check my sig there ...2011.09.07 02:56:00
- Well saidTo try TL;DR this for others.Big alliance electing CSMs run the risk of pushing the game to ...2011.09.07 02:26:00
- You can bundle them under the list of accounts closed and recorded during the strike ...2011.09.06 22:43:00
- The list of CSMs (I was told two have stepped down since the emergency meeting, anyone got confirmat ...2011.09.06 22:36:00
- Client updates are patches that ... Excuses excuses. It not uncommon for CCP to delete your boot.i ...2011.09.06 09:44:00
- Punish minutes? I guess it is something to do with the minutes of a meeting or notes, being changed, ...2011.09.06 09:35:00
- Edited by: Jenshae Chiroptera on 06/09/2011 00:36:38 Edited by: Jenshae Chiroptera on 06/09/2011 00 ...2011.09.06 00:18:00
- I've seen a lot of people try to explain Goons. None of them have ever been as wrong as you.Beware ...2011.09.06 00:03:00
- Edited by: Jenshae Chiroptera on 05/09/2011 22:28:15 hm, the guy with less votes doesn't win, that' ...2011.09.05 22:28:00
- Too true and is there anyway of seeing where the majority of the players are? I am betting in high s ...2011.09.05 21:49:00
- there is a wide representation outside Goons.. i do not thing 2 is a lot. and those 2 while they are ...2011.09.05 18:44:00

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